Updating multiple values

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i know this is a very common problem and has been posted earlier also... the code is correct and is infact the same for all 3 statements (with the "field_name" beng different of course..) please help as this is really bugging... hi silviuks i tried the method u suggested, but with that, only the first of the 3 columns gets updated. When i use three seperate UPDATE commands, one for each column, FUNNILY, the first and the third columns get updated, and for some GOD KNOWS WHAT reason, the second column just refuses to change...For instance, consider an events table where you assign responsibility for each event to one or more of your employees.

The idea behind multivalued fields is to make it easy to support those instances where you want to select and store more than one choice, without having to create a more advanced database design.Suppose you have a task to assign to one of your employees or contractors, but you decide that you need to assign it to more than one person.In Office Access 2007, you can create a multivalued field that lets you select the people from a list.Multivalued fields are appropriate for certain situations, such as when you use Office Access 2007 to work with information stored in a Windows Share Point Services 3.0 list, and that list contains a field that uses one of the multivalued field types available in Windows Share Point Services 3.0.This article discusses multivalued fields and how to use them in queries.

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