Updating the garmin gps

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For example,it's much easier to find your dog when you know that your dog is on one side or the other side of a creek or river.

The COMPASS SCREEN (screenshot) has an arrow pointing to where the dog is in relation to you, how far away he is, and an ICON shows you if the dog is moving or stationary. If you turn on RUNNING POINTERS, when your dog is moving it changes the ICON from a running dog to an arrow that points in the direction that he's moving.

When Garmin bought Tri-tronics last summer, we knew an all-in-one GPS / Ecollar system was coming. GPS Improvements include faster update rates, touch screen, longer battery life, rescue mode, "buddy" tracking, tracking up to 20 dogs, and my personal favorite - the direction option in the Compass screen.

Introducing the Garmin ALPHA: A GPS tracking collar by Garmin with an E-Collar from Tri-Tronics. E-collar improvements give you the full functionality of a 0 Pro-500 for only 0 more than the price of the Astro alone. UPDATE RATE is the rate at which the GPS collar radios the Handheld and updates the position, speed, direction, and activity of the dog.

Knowing where your friends are walking while hunting is just safe hunting.

When the battery on a tracking collar dies, finding a missing a dog gets a lot more difficult. I can't think of a good reason NOT to run your collar in rescue mode because there's no downside to running in rescue mode.

When the collar battery drops to 25% life, RESCUE MODE changes the update rate to a 2-minute ping to extend battery life which gives you up to 12 hours to find a lost dog. If you know where your dogs are with 25% battery life left, you can manually switch to a faster update rate from the ALPHA handheld and keep on hunting.

I was expecting the ALPHA's 2.5 second update rate to be more like 12 or 15 hours of run time, but we are getting 24 hours at a 2.5 update and 34 hours out of the 5 second update.

And that's without using the new feature called Rescue Mode.

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