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Default they are created in the master database, but you can change it to the msdb database, or to a dba utility database if you prefer that.The second option is used to tell the script if you want it to automatically create SQL Server Agent jobs for you that are pre-configured, and ready to run, although they still need to be scheduled. If you don’t want the script to automatically create the jobs for you, then replace ‘Y’ with ‘N’.

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To do this, download the script and open it up in a query window of SSMS, and follow along as I discuss it.If implemented correctly, a database maintenance plan can help ensure that a SQL Server’s databases perform optimally and, if there should be a problem, provide the necessary backups to minimize the loss of any data.Another benefit of implementing a database maintenance plan is that it helps to prevent, or at least to catch early, many different kinds of database-related problems.Ola Hallengren is a DBA and database developer who is currently working with a large financial company in Sweden. Back in 2007, Ola began a project to improve the database maintenance within a large SQL Server environment.At that time, a combination of database maintenance jobs created using the SQL Server Maintenance Wizard, along with a collection of custom Transact-SQL scripts, were used throughout the organization.

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