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This class library consists of two class files, the CBLValidator class and the Control Converter Class.

The Control Converter Class inherits from the String Converter Class, which allows us to pass the name of the control to validate as a string and convert it to a Control object.

So, if you leave the checkbox unchecked then nothing will be sent to the server when in many situations you would want false to be sent instead.

As the hidden input has the same name as the checkbox, then if the checkbox is unchecked you'll still get a 'false' sent to the server.

Well there you have it, a custom control to validate a Check Box List Control.

I have, since creating it, found this control to be an invaluable addition to my code library, and I use it often.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful and informative. Thanks very much for this - I managed to get it working, although there were a few issues, eg... The View State properties did not match between the getter and setter for Min Required and Max Allowed properties. The javascript for client-side validation only worked on IE.

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It generates element for the model property specified using a lambda expression.

NET Validation Controls are a really neat way of doing user validation.

I have a number of check boxes on the page and one of the validation rules is that at least one of the check boxes must be checked.

This class consists of two methods, both of which are marked with the override modifier, which allows us to override this base method to fit our needs. Net we need to make sure we have a reference to the proper Namespaces, for this class we use We use this class when we set the Control To Validate Property of our CBLValidator control, so now lets take a look at that class.

The first method is the Get Standard Values Supported(IType Descriptor Context). As with any class we need to ensure we have a reference to the proper Namespaces, in this class we use the following Namespaces: You will notice that the bulk of the work is done in the Build Validation method, this is where the code for validating the control is created.

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