Validating in c

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All items of the MVS-c were formulated in a clear language and address types of possessions that are relevant in children’s lives (Opree et al. Furthermore, the number of response options was reduced from five to four, because neutral response options need to be avoided in research among children; children have difficulty distinguishing a difference in meaning between options when six or more are used (Borgers et al. The MVS-c was proven valid and reliable in measuring materialism among eight- to eleven-year-olds.

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validating in c-76

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We examined the factorial structure, reliability, and construct validity of the full-length 18-item scale as well as the shorter 6- and 3-item versions.

Analyses using structural equation modeling showed that its factorial structure (i.e., with material centrality, material happiness and material success as first-order factors and overall material values as a second order factor) holds for younger children.

Though the 3-item MVS-c cannot be used among six- to eight-year-olds, the 18-item MVS-c and the shorter 6-item version proved to be both reliable and valid in this age group.

The MVS-c has, however, only been validated among children between eight and eleven years old.

Subsequently, the current study aims to take the next step by validating this scale among children in early childhood.

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