Validating soap message

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Select which XML Schema to validate messages with: This is the default option.

The tree hierarchy contains two top-level nodes: Schema Cache and Web Services Repository.

Click the Add or Edit buttons to add or edit an XPath expression using the Enter XPath Expression dialog.

You can remove expressions by selecting the expression in the XPath Expression drop-down and clicking the Delete button.

The Schema Validation dialog has three tabs, which are explained in this topic.

Select one of the following options: Use Schema from WSDL of Web Service: Instead of selecting a specific XML schema to run in this filter, you can select this option to dynamically use the appropriate SOAP operation schema from the current Web Service Context.

In this way, if the schema imports other schemas, they are available to the filter at runtime when validating the message.

The wizard enables administrators to load an XML message and then run an XPath expression on it to determine what nodes are returned.

For details on the possible values for these attributes, see Section 3.5 of the WSDL specification.

It also specifies the data types of these elements to ensure that only appropriate data is allowed through to the Web Service.

For example, an XML Schema might stipulate that all requests to a particular Web Service must contain a element, it rejects the message.

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