Vista not updating gets stuck dating my supervisor

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Further details and a screenshot of my CPU consumption were posted today in my thread in the MS Answers forum.

As of June 2016 there are currently five Win32updates listed on Dalai's webpage [KB3078601 (18-Aug-2015); KB3087039 (08-Sep-2015); KB3109094 (07-Dec-2015); KB3145739 (12-Apr-2016); KB3161664 (14-Jun-2016)] that must be pre-installed before you run Windows Update if any are missing from your system.

about a new rollup for Win 7 SP1 that includes all updates as of April 2016, as well as an upcoming change that will see all non-security updates for Win 7 SP1 and Win 8.1 combined into a single monthly update.

Kudos to Vista1972, who posted that link in the Vista Forums thread has a workaround that apparently works for many Vista users as well.

My "" phase always hangs for hours if there are a large number of updates available for download, but it runs normally once those updates are installed - until the next batch of Patch Tuesday updates is released.

For some reason pre-installing just one of the monthly Patch Tuesday updates as suggested in my original post seems to trick the Windows Update Agent (WUA) into checking for the remaining available updates faster, and at this stage of my testing I'm not absolutely certain that the one update you pre-install even has to be a Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32k.sys) update.

I suffered a few days after Black Tuesday when I came home from vacation and attempted to update my Vista Laptop.FWIW, May Patch Tuesday was the first time I could download and install Windows 7 updates without spending hours.Until April to download and install updates which where listed in Control Panel ˃Windows Update used to take hours so that I used to do it overnight and find it in the morning waiting for a system restart to complete the installation.I don't have a Win 7 computer at home so I'm not the best person to ask about slipstreaming the OS image (which isn't the topic of this thread), but the Microsoft Tech Net article And since this update can be injected into Windows 7 SP1 media, it’s fully supported to mount a Windows 7 SP1 image (WIM file), then inject this update into it.See the details of how to do this...

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