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While an online implementation could not solve the last issue, it could solve the first two.When parents are freely able to determine a good situation, in which they have time and their child is in an appropriate mood, they can use the moment and immediately participate in the study from home.The Somerset Cam overlooks the iconic steeps of Mount Snow’s North Face, Somerset Reservoir and the Grout Pond Recreation Area.Experience the view from the deck of the Bullwheel Restaurant at the summit of Mount Snow, Vermont.In the second step, we edited the pictures and integrated them into the design.Lastly, participants returned to the website and the video data acquisition took place through their webcam.Since the initial studies, the variety of tasks has been increased and now covers preference of gender (Quinn et al., 2002), ethnicity (Kelly et al., 2008), familiarity (Matsuda et al., 2012), natural vs.

Overall, since new technologies became available and more established, we see a shift from classical, in-lab-based data acquisition to online recordings.

Eye gaze studies face several challenges, which might be overcome by online experimentation: Earlier studies [see Richardson and Mc Cluskey (1983) for a review] suggest that about 25–75% of data recorded in looking tasks cannot be analyzed due to the young participants not being in a state of taking part in the experiment when they are present in the lab.

They might fall asleep, cry, or simply not be interested in the display.

After the introduction of HTML5, browsers natively support access to media devices, such as microphones and webcams, thereby offering better cross-browser support and an easy integration of this method.

In short, processing data from webcams and microphones are not treated as a specialty anymore, but becomes a common approach in web technology.

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