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Domestic abuse can have a devastating impact on the whole family.

As part of our dedicated response to target domestic abuse we have now launched our Operation Ribbon that is running from 8 December – 31 December, this started with our video ‘The Visit’ which you may have seen circulating on social media.

Blitz was started in the carrier, however, our officers got caught up with a job at the Red Lion Pub which they were in immediate vicinity of Despite this, all areas were checked between our officers.

Our officers also had to deal with a vulnerable missing person in which they were required to aid in an area search, it was decided that they would incorporate Blitz into this search.

We responded to a call at around 8.50pm, which was a report of youths smoking drugs at Kilburn Terrace, they conducted an area search but did not find any youths.

Other than this, there were no other issues to report and no calls on the Blitz phone.

We are making sure that we invest in the best training for our force.

Our first phase of this is with our front line responders completing their ‘Domestic Abuse Matters’ awareness training this month.

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If you have any similar issues concerning your neighbourhood, they will be happy to help.News and appeals Our Christmas Domestic Abuse Campaign Operation Ribbon For some, Christmas can be a particularly tough time of the year.We see an increase in reports of controlling behaviour and domestic abuse, perhaps due to the excessive alcohol, increased family tensions and financial pressures around Christmas time, but there are simply no excuses.The team showed a strong presence at Sovereign Harbour and The Crumbles following several reports of rowdy youths drinking and causing anti-social behaviour in the past.Thank you to those who continue to use and support the Operation Blitz system to report and tackle Anti-Social Behaviour in your areas.

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