What does accomodating female

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Councilman William Gibson said the time has come for such a move."You have to accommodate all," he said after the meeting.

The architect for the project, George Held, said he was charged to design gender-neutral sleeping dormitories, showers, bathrooms and lockers and it will comprise about 500 square feet in new or re-purposed space in each station.

(The current theory is that they spend more on safety and security, but that is unconfirmed).

A quick Google search of “women safety travel” yields dozens of articles and travel advisories about solo female travel in India.

When the fire stations were originally built, the notion of woman in the ranks was not on the radar."These fire houses were designed in the '50s and '60s," Held said.

Villano said Fire Stations 5 and 6 were selected because while other stations might one day be consolidated, these two were likely to remain in use.

Us men working in travel can and should use #He For She as a catalyst to improve our understanding of and commitment to making travel safer and more accessible for women – for their benefit and for the benefit of the industry and the travel experience.

One of the core issues is that most men simply do not understand what it’s like to travel as a woman.

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