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And you wouldn’t do that if you were just a local band that never get any outside attention. So having played that show doesn’t feel, now, like a special culmination of the band’s career up to that point? All the other bands that had been our competition had fallen down except for Arcade Fire. They were trying to come up with big-name openers for us because they didn’t think we could sell out the place by ourselves. But behind that idea was the promoters’ belief that we just weren’t going to sell any tickets unless there [was] some extra element. I was like, “Well, how about it’s our last fucking show? Then I was like, That almost makes the decision to play a big good-bye show sound sort of cynical. I just wanted to play a show, you know what I mean? I remember when we got nominated for a couple of for the first album and it just depressed me. Anyway, the thrust of all this is that what makes the band function is that on some level people know we’re operating slightly differently than most other bands. Are there any similarities between your band and Arcade Fire that account for why you’re both still going?

I’d met a decent amount of famous people and thought, . We’re fortunate enough to play where we want, within reason. Even in just an emotional-perks kind of way, how much did you miss being in LCD Soundsystem? I had a great fucking time in the years between the Madison Square Garden show and now. There’s a lot of stuff I got to do that I really enjoyed that would’ve been absolutely impossible if I’d been in LCD. There is, and I think it’s a phenomenon that started to happen in the ‘90s.I’m going to back way up for a minute: I went to a good high school in a shitty town in New Jersey. I was a kickboxer and I worked in a bookstore and I worked in a phone center and I was a bouncer at a punk club and I had a band — all this dumb shit. There are similarities in that we both seem to exist in our own little worlds, and we’re bands with a whole lot of people in them, but we’re very different. Is it harder to find your lyrical subject matter the older you get? There’s a limitless amount of detail in small things. I mean, my 47-year-old self wants to punch me in the balls sometimes when I say things like that. In Brooklyn now it feels like you’re as likely now to meet someone making cheese as you are someone who plays in a band. It’s totally illegal ham.” There’s also something about how food culture — and I don’t include the makers and real experts in this — but how it’s literally about consumption that can make it seem so boring.The vast majority of kids in my school went on to college. And I remember feeling like, The idea that college was next, that it was a given, meant it was of no interest to me. Win Butler really pushes Arcade Fire to address the big topics, which is admirable and also extremely difficult to pull off. There are a couple of times where I feel like a topic was handled completely correctly, and then I don’t want to go back to it. But, okay, coffee is something I’ve been singularly obsessed with since I was 21. I was deeply nerdy about coffee back when it wasn’t a thing anybody else gave a shit about. My friend, Justin, who was in a band called Pitchblende, got me interested in it a while ago, as a thing to learn about. You’ll talk to certain people who’ll say they’re a foodie and everything with them just reduces to “that food I bought sure tasted good.” The depth of the interest can feel so hollow.Thus, perfect endings be damned, the band’s forthcoming reunion album, . ” “Well, I got a job with Schwab.” So where would the 20-year-old version of you move now? The internet means it doesn’t matter if you fucking live in New York. Also, locality doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore.“I shed any ambivalence about coming back a while ago,” says Murphy, squinting against the sun pouring in through the window of a Williamsburg hotel room. A scene is not a scene of people who know each other and borrow each other’s van. You can be from the suburbs somewhere and be like, “I make dubstep.” Okay, great.

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