What to do when computer zes while updating Sexdating email

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The software that infects computers through this vulnerability collects information, including user names and passwords for various sites, including bank and email accounts,” reports CITES Security.

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The easiest way is to have a piece of software which scans your machine and says “Hey, this software is outdated.” That is one of the approaches we take.

I read blogs, online info for new tricks, subscribed to an newsletter on i Pads, listen to my brilliant daughter tell how wonderful Apple was, how terrific their software is, about the World of Apps, & there was barely nothing I couldn’t do with the little Genie I held in my hands. I’ve been lead to believe that MACs & i Pad are virtually Teflon, no viruses, no problems whatever, in God & Apple we trust kinda thing.

Thursday, I received notice of Updates, & as always, I clicked my little icon for the update i OS 6.0.1. Now, well, I trust in God, but just because Steve Jobs lives in the same neighborhood, doesn’t mean I have much confidence in Apple.

My i Pad will return to icon screen without notice, emails were sent out to EVERONE I have ever sent an email to in the last 22 years! I got rid of it years ago and have been using Foxit Reader.

It’s free, doesn’t attract the hackers and exploiters, and works on anything that requires Adobe Reader. I just have to remember to uncheck what it wants to add on with the install (Ask toolbar? I have to agree 100% that this new IOS 6 is a bunch of cow pucky. Maybe I just don’t have enough “personal” stuff on my computers or I don’t visit the “wrong” websites.

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