Whats the relevance of constantly updating ones skill

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Do you have any idea how I can approach Jon with these concerns?

One died from an overdose and another is in prison (both events made the news).Why not suggest a compromise with Jon — that you and Mary will interview each of them who’s interested and will keep an open mind, but that if at the end of that process you continue to be concerned that they’re not the best hires you could make, you’ll select other people? A seemingly credible company has a fake-seeming website A friend recently interviewed at a company that, from her cursory “due diligence,” seemed on the up-and-up: credentials, mutual colleagues/alumni, and a nice office in a swank building.There was no sensitive personal information disclosed or anything unusual about the interview itself, and she even ran into a former, trusted colleague on the way to the interview itself.Or, a third possibility — since she’s only a few years into her career, is it possible that she’s evaluating the stuff on their website incorrectly?In any case, I wouldn’t worry that she’s somehow connected herself to them by asking around about them.

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