Who is ashely tisdale dating

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I think we just didn't know each other and I think I was definitely a lot like Sharpay and it was like, Lucas, 'Who is this person? after we wrapped, though, I've always had a love for you. We just needed to live some life and go through some experiences together and learn where both of us came from and...

Rogers had a great quote that said, 'You can learn to love anyone if you hear their story.' And I think that's what it took.

On January 2007, Tisdale was declared the second Hottest Woman of Pop/R&B by Blender Magazine, which stated, "Tisdale has a gift.

Not an angelic voice or a dazzling personality, but an even rarer commodity: millions of "pre-sold" tweens eager to buy her debut album! She had also took photoshoots with her High School Musical co-stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens for Elle Magazine.

Later they broke up, and Michelle began an dating with actor Zac Efron.

Tisdale underwent a rhinoplasty procedure on November 30, 2007.

Recently, Sharpay Evans, aka Ashley Tisdale, invited her on-screen twin brother, Ryan Evans, aka Lucas Grabeel, onto her You Tube show to perform a duet of "What I've Been Looking For."First, let's all remember the original.

It's been 10 years, we can totally talk about this now.

Tisdale was discovered at the age of three in her hometown mall by a talent manager who continues to represent her today.

After landing a job from her very first audition, she went on to star in more than 100 national network commercials.

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