Who is bob whitfield dating

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The show follows the daily lives of the housewives and their interactions with each other.

It's possible that Barrett Strong wrote the bass line riff, but I heard Whitfield perfect it.

What if the singer is a stalker or fan watching from a distance as the object of their obsession started dating someone?

I love this song for both it's intended meaning of a naïve person freaking out over losing their first love, and for how perfectly, without changing a word, it applies to this darker interpretation.

Aug 2014, For those of you unfamiliar with 80s R&B, Roger Troutman's rendition is a good 10 minutes long and though it uses the same melodic flow as MGaye's, it sounds nothing like it.

Minus when I first knew/heard of the song/remake; I can't recall once hearing his version and thinking of the prior versions.

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