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A chance meeting in the woods leads to a new life, and it's all because of Bella. Rated T for violence and language with maybe a little lit of sexual situations.

Read & Review Natalia and Horatio have been dating for a while now but he has yet to tell her how he feels. The story then ties back in with episode 'Rampage', outlining some of the events but nothing is directly quoted.

This story is partially based on the movie Jack&Sarah. But when the man she meets turns out to be an escaped convict, Horatio and the team race the clock to find Calleigh-the other half of Horatio's heart. Umm, is a HC fic, Pleasant Surprises along the way, rated for later chapters, plz read and review, they mean alot, thnx, enjoy xx. 1,2,3,all together now: "I don't own CSI: Miami, just borrowing the characters..."The team joins forces with Vice for a special investigation.

There's most definitely Horatio/Marisol implied, but not absolutely explicit. okay, i'm jus repostin this coz was in 4 parts, lol, an decided want it b 1, but plz r&r, thanx, Sorry about the sucky title, I couldn't think of anything else. This is my own way of dealing with the whole "Horatio has a son" subject on the show. But when Ryan falls for one of the vice, does he become the next target?

BOTI BLISS (Maxine Velara)Favorite Music: Country Music Favorite Male Country Artists: Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Keith Urban. Will Horatio be able to hold out until the banquet to see Roxanne, or will he try to see her before then?

Roxanne is back in Miami, and it's two weeks before the banquet.

Horatio and his devoted love Cassie enjoy themselves after an evening out… Her choice leaves the two men that love her broken and alone. Based on the 4/19 episode, can't remember the name, but Calleigh's like a spirit while her body's in the hospital..is Horatio's POV on the whole thing...definite Horatio/Calleigh romantic, but slight hints of E/C. This is the sequel to Dead or Alive; Ryan gets captured again and the whole team rally to find him before it is too late and ends up getting tortured or worse.One day she doesn't show up for work and he realizes that he should have told her how he felt. Again, rated 'M' for Mature, as one might gather from the title. To protect a witness, Horatio and Ryan endure agony in the hands of their captors. After two years of being abused,he choose to get away from it all. Jake & Stetler are in trouble over the Steve Tillidge case. DISCLAIMER i don't own any characters except Anna & Hugh Mc Breadle.During the experience, Horatio becomes fatherly protect over Ryan and Ryan struggles to earn Horatio's respect. What he didn't expect was that everyone would find out and people are after him to kill him once and for all! Horatio’s past comes back to haunt him, when the case of his parents death is re-opened, and he also finds out that he is very sick. How long can they keep there relationship a secret from the rest of the team? The guns went off with a flash and a deafening bang. After a tragic hunting accident threatens to expose them, Jasper abandons the Cullens and resumes his former habits. Several graves are dug up and the bodies are taken. Is this just a prank by some kids, or does the grave digger actually use the bodies for something?Will the people who love him be able to save him from the abuse,and himself? Frank tries to forget his birthday.--SLASH--6th story in my H/E Universe--FULL SUMMARY INSIDEHoratio and Calleigh argue over something. this one is longer than London so i am posting in chapters this time A car squealed around the corner. But will the love of his adoptive family call to him over his thirst for human blood? FULL SUMMARY INSIDE--6th Story in my H/C Universe---These days the team is slowly drifting apart.A sequel, takes place two weeks after the first book. One Shot for now; review if you want it to continue. Calleigh gets abducted from somebody from her past. People are convinced that Ryan with holding the casing on a case has started it.

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