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Have your neighbor trespass repeatedly on your property in the presents of a Scarborough Police Officer.Have a police officer from another department tell you, “If I want to put you away anytime I want to, I’ll just plant kiddie porn under your drivers seat.” Does this happen under the direction of Chief Moulton? Where would you turn for justice when there is none in your town government?

This prompted the legislative body to consider passing a law that sets the age of consent at 13.The Forecaster did NO research on their own to verify that an opposing precedent even existed. The Forecaster should stop pretending to report news and stick to school sports, the police log, and where to get your dog washed. You need to remember that his second wife Cammy was an underage high school senior at SHS when Moulton was the school’s Resource Officer and dating her.Perhaps they could get a more competent reporter from the 8th grade English class. When she turned 18 and graduated from high school they got married.Way to go for the Scarborough Town Council and Chairman Babine (possibly drunk when he drove himself to a Council Workshop and was carried out before the Council meeting started) and the Old Fool at the end of the council table, an ex-lawyer of course.One reporter down, intimidated, fearful, repressed from asking a question that would get her dragged to prison, and thousands of more reporters for Scarborough to arrest.

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