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Leonardo aims to attract enthusiastic people to join its highly regarded ' Craft', ' Technician' and ' Higher' Engineering apprenticeships.

Leonardo was awarded "Outstanding" status following our OFSTED inspection under the Leonardo Training Contract; the highest award possible, demonstrating our excellent training capability.

Currently, there are over 100 trainees in this programme.

Apprenticeships are offered in the areas of Craft, Test, and Design Engineering, as well as Business and Cyber disciplines.

The Technical Apprenticeship requires 4 GCSEs grade A-C (pre 2017) or grade 4 and above (post 2017) including English and Science , plus a grade B or above (pre 2017) or grade 5 and above (post 2017) in Maths.

Applicants to the ‘Degree’ apprenticeship programme will need 240 UCAS points (pre 2017) or 96 (post 2017) or above at A-level standard or equivalent, to include maths and at least one further STEM based subject such as science or engineering.

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