Who is rashad mccants dating

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He rebounded after they split, and later called out Kardashian in a surprising rant.

A deadeye sharpshooter out of the 2005 North Carolina championship team, Rashad Mc Cants had a bright NBA career ahead of him, one that disappointingly ended in four years after some poor choices.

After famously marrying, then divorcing Lamar Odom of the L. Clippers, she dated Rockets superstar James Harden, and is now hooking up with Cleveland Cavs center Tristan Thompson.

Mc Cants has been reduced to trying to relaunch his career in the Ice Cube’s upcoming “BIG3,” a new three-on-three league featuring former NBA players.

He played in the Mc Donald's All-American Game with future Tar Heel teammates Raymond Felton and Sean May.

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While it seems harsh to blame Khloe for his career not panning out — it has some certain truth to it, but it should never come from a previous partner to air that out — that’s just a bad look.Whether it is Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, James Harden, Tristan Thompson, or Mc Cants — the NBA world has had the Kardashian bug floating around whether it was headline-worthy or under the radar.But what derailed Mc Cants career wasn’t the relationship itself, but the lifestyle choices that came with it.Mc Cants isn’t the first athlete to raise eyebrows by dating a Kardashian.In fact, one NBA star recently said his play took off once he stopped dating Khloe.

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