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We did an amazing amount of damage to windshields, trunks, doors, and hoods.

As the night went on, "damaging cars" turned into "turning cars over." We called it "car tipping," which was our alternative to "cow tipping." As the night wore on, we made our way back to campus ... We finally decided to move a car into the cornfield behind one of the dorms, oblivious to the fact that we were making enough noise to wake the dead.

He booked the talent, made the travel arrangements, and scheduled the TV programs. Dividing his time between "Velocity," "Million Dollar Tough Enough," and Ohio Valley Wrestling A change in plans ... Running the Deep South Wrestling [DSW] training facility ... Behind the scenes of the operation of Deep South Wrestling ...

Victor also was the person who booked me, so he was the guy I answered to. Meeting with Johnny Ace and Tommy Dreamer at Titan Towers ...

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He tells about his introduction to the world of wrestling at Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn, where he wrestled for almost two years before he was given an opportunity to work for small promotions in Puerto Rico, Japan, and Mexico. While I read in the forward that it took some convincing to co-author a book by a wrestler of a different generation then you are used to, Im glad you did.He tells about being a member of the Chubba Bubbas, a group of wrestlers which included Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, Devon Storm, and Joe DAcquisto, whose primary goal was to party and have fun and, more often than not, get into trouble in the process. One last thing Id like to add is that I was absolutely floored when Bill talked in depth about an October 2001 spot show in Valparasio, Indiana.He shares behind-the-scenes stories about many of his peers, as well, including Mil Mascaras, Kevin Sullivan, Chris and Nancy Benoit, the Boogeyman, Johnny Ace, the Great Khali, Van Hammer, and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. The letter-writing campaign Bill throws a knife at Brett Majors ... Valparaiso happens to be the town I currently reside in and his comments about the atmosphere couldnt have been more true!It would be five more years before he would reach what rookie wrestlers call "The Big Time" and join the ranks of World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. Sadly, Im not old enough to have experienced the glory days of the '60s, '70s and early '80s.Bills life has been filled with more backstage drama than is found in all the afternoon soap operas combined, and he doesnt pull any punches in the telling of his story. However, your books really put in perspective a time that never could be recaptured.

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