Who nicki minaj dating 2016

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According to Nicki, she is focusing on work in 2017.

Nicki and Meek, who began dating in 2015, made headlines in mid-December when Nicki wrote these Beyoncé-inspired words on Instagram: “Thank God I dodged the bullet.

Nicki responded with a poignant take on romantic labels imposed upon many by certain social stigmas. And that if I get a third ring that (sic) that would be the engagement ring ... And in fact, I don't even wanna say I'm in a relationship anymore cause I think that when people hear that they go to like the mean place." Minaj also addressed rumors that she and Mill broke up based on public reaction to her social media presence on Valentine's Day.

"First of all, that's not an engagement ring," Minaj said. After neglecting to post a gift given to her by Mill on Instagram, Minaj's fans assumed the two had split.

It’s been a long week for Meek Mill and Nick Minaj. Nicki has already teased that she watches the show.

Rumor after rumor spilled into the Internet’s gossip column about their alleged breakup. There’s no better time for her to make a debut appearance.

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She told Billboard in December, "He and I are not engaged.The pair had been one of hip-hop's most reliable couples, supporting each other through drama with exes, worldwide tours, unexpected house arrests, and even major rap beefs.Through it all, Omeeka captured the hearts and minds of rap fans everywhere with a romance that seemed it could survive whatever celebrity life threw its way.While dreams of their marriage may be dashed for now, fans still have years of—mostly—fond memories to look back on.Complex put together a timeline of the pair's rap romance to track the highs and lows of one of hip-hop's biggest celebrity couples.

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