Who was al pacino dating in 1983

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During rehearsals, Pacino burned his hand on the barrel of a prop machine gun that had just fired 30 rounds. According to Bauer, the mountains of cocaine shown in the movie are just powdered baby laxative.13.There are a number of plot similarities between the 1932 film and the 1983 film.De Palma trimmed the film's most violent scenes three times in order to avoid an X rating (the NC-17 didn't exist yet).Finally, he brought in a group of law enforcement agents to testify to the ratings board that the film was accurate in its depiction of the extreme violence of the Miami drug world and therefore had some educational value. But by that logic, De Palma argued, the original cut of the film should also have received an R.I wrote it straight which was good because I don't think cocaine helps writing. "Robert Loggia suddenly was giving me rides," he told Backstage magazine in a 2007 interview."I mean, he's the nicest guy, but suddenly it was, 'I'll give you a ride.'"' Abraham's performance in "Amadeus" would win him a Best Actor Oscar the following year.11.

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(It wasn't quite her film debut; she'd appeared earlier the same year as an extra in Martin Scorsese's "The King of Comedy.") The role proved her big break, leading to her Oscar-nominated performance opposite Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in Scorsese's "The Color of Money."7.

The original movie, which was as controversial for its extreme content in its day as the remake was 51 years later, starred Paul Muni as fictional Italian-American gangster Tony Camonte, who rises to the top of a bootlegging racket in Chicago during Prohibition.

The 1983 movie doesn't acknowledge either the novel or the 1932 screenplay, but there's a brief "special thanks" shout-out during the end credits to Howard Hawks and Ben Hecht, who wrote the 1932 script.4.

In both films, Tony adopts the slogan "The World Is Yours," which he spots in an advertisement, as his personal motto.

And in both versions, he has a near-incestuous relationship with his sister.14.

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