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So let’s swap out the shirt for something a little more colorful.Camp collar shirts seemed to come back out of nowhere in the last year.Did you know that an SPF 15 sunscreen blocks out 93% of UVB rays (UVB radiation is a major factor in skin cancer), while SPF 30 gives you just 4% more protection?So, should we even bother with higher SPF sunscreens?When it comes to the prints, letters, and words with bold type design are a great place to start, as is simple shapes.Finally, photo tees are a great option if you’re looking for a graphic tee with a bit more color.

To help you out, I asked my friend Tanner to share some summer suit tips.Part 1: The Science of Staying Cool Part 2: Your Hot Weather Style Gameplan: Build The Essential Summer Wardrobe Part 3: From the Boardroom to the Beach: 3 Looks to Get You Inspired Part 4: The Final 10% Part 5: Speed round!Common Hot Weather Problems (And How To Fix Them) “Sweating is how your body cools off, so any fabric that helps wick moisture away from you will cool you off.This can happen by moving moisture along the fiber surface, or by absorbing it into the core of the fiber.They use a specially commissioned intimate blend of 17.5 micron merino, and a wicking thermobuffering polyester to create a lightweight, quick drying and odor resistant fabric that lets you stay in the sun 25 times longer than usual.”Just remember that open summer fabrics like linen can still let in UV rays, so opt for fabrics with good UV protection, or put on a layer of sunblock.

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