Worst dating game questions

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Which spouse is more likely to get a parking ticket?

What made you realize that you wanted to marry this person? How many wedding dresses did the bride try one before finding the one?

Even the most formal wedding reception can be loosened up by playing this game.

Who is more likely to bring home an abandoned kitten or puppy?

When the bride and groom write down the answers, they can show the audience, though the DJ might still need to read the answers out loud for those who cannot see the answers.

While there are many possible questions below, the newlywed game should probably last no longer than 30 to 45 minutes.

Who is more likely to ask a celebrity for their autograph?

Who is more likely to bring the other person breakfast in bed?

If your spouse could trade lives with anyone else in the world for a day, who would that person be? If money was not an issue, where would the two of you live?

Who is more likely to dye their hair a bright color?

Which spouse is more likely to drive on a road trip?

At your wedding reception, you will want to entertain your guests with food, drinks, dancing, and music.

But you can also entertain everyone by playing a newlywed game.

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