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One of my research books on antique jewelry shows several photos or brooches and rings.The rings are shown with urns and angels and talk of dissolved hair of the deceased on ivory.It is basically a pocket of boiling water, what could go wrong? My hair does not curl nicely naturally and without a curling iron.It forms a halo of frizz around my head unless I put on enough gel, and then it is crunchy.Not much is written about it in the books that I have ever found, probably because it is so rare. I look forward to your new expanded site as well as keeping in touch with you and other hair collectors...Mike If you have a news letter, please put me on the mailing list. and I would love to learn how to make the jewelry, and have collected some hair.Is ther anyone you know of in Australia that practices this craft? Linda Dear Marlys, First, thanks for thinking of me and informing me of your site.

I look forward to the growth of your website & I already have it bookmarked. I did not know there was a Hairwork Society--I knew of the lady from Sweden who makes pieces from a book I got on Hairweaving from Lacis publishing I believe--anyway I have been collecting hair pieces for 20 years--I have some pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants,hairwork underglass and a couple of diadems--The oldest piece I have is 1796--I think--it is engraved a lieutenant and the battle--Most of my collection is at my parents home--someday I will retrieve it--Have you been collecting long??

I am a candle hoarder, Sunscreen-warrior (never enough SPF), an over-the-knee boot wearer, day-dreamer, tragic (albeit single) romantic and Francophile.

Hi Marlys, I don't have the exact process of how they dissolved hair to make mourning jewelry and apparently it was an early practice.

I spun them a sob story about the state of education in Brooklyn and wailed I would buy ten miso soups if I had to. Everybody who knows me finds the idea of me eating soup dumplings hilarious.

They looked at me like I was insane and gave em to me for three bucks. This became my kitchen: pm Have been cleaning up my kitchen and lost track of time. I am extraordinarily clumsy and awkward and have never eaten such a thing but have heard they are large and messy and exactly what they sound like. Having lost track of time, I am now in the unpleasant but common-for-me situation of having to choose between dirty straight hair or clean curly hair.

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