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When geologists study a rock formation that they expect, on the basis of Evolution Theory, to have a certain old age, they extract many samples from various locations in the formation and send them to several different labs that make the measurements of apparent age.

After the results come back, they begin to weed out the samples that gave the “wrong” answer by assuming that the samples were contaminated.

Young earth creationists believe that when Romans says “sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin,” it is saying that death did not exist prior to Adam, while old earth creationists believe that Romans only refers to human death and insist that a lot of dying happened (billions of years’ worth) before Adam appeared.

Young earth creationists see no need to be in harmony with uniformitarian models of the earth’s beginnings, especially when such models are usually rooted in a naturalistic (and atheistic) worldview.

Other points held by young earth creationists include the occurrence of a global flood during Noah’s day, God’s creation of the world with apparent age, and (often) the existence of a single continent before the flood.

Young earth creationism is the official position of Got Questions Ministries.

James Hugg, who is one of the trustees of Lamb & Lion Ministries. Hugg is a renowned research scientist who holds a doctorate in nuclear physics from Stanford University.

We readily dismiss contradictory data and accept confirmatory data with little scrutiny.

Young earth creationism is the counterpart of old earth creationism (OEC), which says that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, based on the geologic timescale, carbon dating, and other common dating methods.

Variations of old earth creationism include progressive creationism, the day-age theory, the gap theory, and theistic evolution.

The “right” results that meet their expectations are presumed to be reliable.

After this data selection process, the geologists are left with only the results that confirm their preconceived expectations.

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