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Corn snacks and biscuits when you’ve lost everything in a flood? Imagine a country where the Finance Minister says that 30,000 hectares of prime timber have been lost to “plantation occupiers” during the government’s land seizures.

This translated into a loss of 20 years worth of timber reserves along with billion in potential revenue and 3,000 jobs lost in the deforestation that ensued.

Illegal settlements in plantations were “politically motivated and as such hard to deal with; it would have been easier if the people were intellectuals,” he said.

The Minister didn’t elaborate why or if “intellectuals” would have chopped down 30,000 hectares of forest land in the first place.

(Surpassed only by fuel)It only needs a few minutes watching ZBC TV to explain why we’re all watching satellite TV. ” is the question you pose every time you watch ZBC TV news.

They seem to live in an alternate reality to the rest of us; blindly unquestioning, blatantly partisan.

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If we begin to take control now, rigid control, people should not then cry foul," Mugabe said, according to the official Herald newspaper.This same Minister was an MP and cabinet member all through the years of land seizures but is only just speaking out now; strange?“It was never a good idea to allocate forestry to individuals,” Finance Minister Chinamasa said.“These people had no capacity to run timber plantations…these illegal settlers only had capacity to harvest and could not afford to replant.Right now we don’t have plantations to talk of and as government we are saying they should be removed from the plantations.”Despite the long overdue acknowledgment of something we’ve been seeing with our own eyes for 17 years, the Minister’s statement is confusing and contradictory.

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